A 1,000 Kids’ Space : โปรเจคออกแบบเครื่องเล่นสำหรับเด็ก 01

Project A 1,000 Kids’ Space
Semester/year: 1, 2 - 2017/ 1st year studio
Studio advisors Kantharat Kusump | Phisanu Numsiriyothin | Rachadaporn Kanitpun

A 1000 Kids’ Space is the first spatial design project of the first year architect student of Arsomsilp Institute of the Arts (ASIA). The project aims to introduce students a design process within which students are challenged to design a space for a real user, in a real condition and finally to construct a real space for the pre – school kids. Beginning with the data collecting of pre – school kids’ behaviors and their preferences of places for playing. 

Through discussion among students in class, and with the school teachers as well as a child development expert; the most important of which students have learnt is that kid’s playing is not just a kid – playing but rather kid’s playing is a very important factor for the development of kids physically, mentally, and socially. In addition, what more of students’ learning is that it is important, also, to help kids to develop their sensory. Kids whose sensory have developed normally will be able to live and learn effectively. Furthermore, there is no limit of kids’ imagination, thus the space for kids’ playing must not obstruct kids’ development physically, mentally, and socially nor should there be any limitation of kids’ imagination.

The first semester, each student works out on her/his design scheme accordingly to their design goal and concept, and then presents their final design works to the real player – Rungaroon School pre-school kids and their teachers.

After the completion of the design process; students learn to develop their work in more details preparing for the 1:1 scale construction; meaning that they have to think of methods of construction with wood. Within this process, students learn both hand-and-machine tools for wood construction; wood properties and wood structure as well as methods of wood work for example stream bending, glue laminate, and joinery.